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Stressbusters "Self-care Toolkit" - Free Talk - Series Volume VII

Mon Dec 5, 2016 6:00 - 7:30pm

Huntington Memorial Library - 3rd Floor Community Meeting Room (Handicap Accessible)


This week:

The Best of the Series - “The Top 10 Tips to Peace”

Are you looking for better ways to handle the stress in your life?

Bonni Canavan and Jackie Madden will offer simple tips and tricks to reduce stress and enhance your peace of mind. This will be a recurring interactive workshop. Each session will have one main focus with lots of extras. Add what you like to your own physical or virtual “Self-care Toolkit”.

Bonni Canavan, Assertiveness Coach and Jackie Madden, Reiki Master, are both committed to providing simple effective tools that anyone can use to relax and become empowered in their lives.

No Cost - Tell your Friends...

If you missed any of the volumes, no worries…

Jan 2017 – We will start the Stressbusters “Self-care Tool Kit” Series over – You’ll be able to attend any of the talks that you missed in 2016.

Jackie Madden, RMT (607) 437-8276
Holistic Lifestyle Facilitator

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