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Take Care of Yourself... so You Can Take Care of Others and do All That You Want

Take Care of Yourself... so You Can Take Care of Others and do All That You Want



Jackie Madden - Usui Reiki Master

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Life Long Learning

We offer a range of Reiki and Personal Enrichment classes and workshops throughout the year.  See the calendar for dates, times and prices. 

If you are interested in anything that you do not see, please contact us. 

Here is a small sampling:

Reiki classes

"Life in Balance"

"Reiki for your Cancer Journey"

"Time to Thrive"

"Self-Care Tools to Reduce Stress"

Stay Grounded...  and Keep Looking Up

Stay Grounded...

and Keep Looking Up

resources and Inspiration

We strive to provide information and resources about Holistic Health and Wellness, Complementary Therapies and Support Services.

We also will be overflowing with inspirational and motivational quotes, stories, songs, photos...

Check out my blog, Meetup and Facebook pages for even more…

Have a wonderful day! :)

Reiki is a Japenese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. 


It may be used to help oneself be and stay well.  "Ki" is an unseen life force energy which flows through everyone.  If one's "ki" is low, or if there is a blockage of energy, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.  Reiki may be used to help your mind, body and spirit be at it's best.

A Reiki treatment may be given while fully clothed, laying on a massage table, hospital bed, sitting in a chair or wheelchair; anywhere it is most comfortable for the individual. A practitioner may gently touch a person or may keep their hands away from the body, they may hold their hands steady or they may move around. It may even be done remotely (Distant Reiki). The energy works in any case; it is personal preference.



Reiki Sessions for you, your loved one or your animal companion:


30 Minutes $40.00

60 Minutes $65.00

Distance Reiki also Available


“Introduction to Reiki and Me” 

30 minutes $20.00

Includes 50% discount follow-up appointment

If you are new to Reiki, this is a great way to learn more.  I will tell you about me, how I got started.  I will explain what Reiki is, what it may be used for, what you will feel during and after a Reiki session and most importantly, you will experience Reiki for yourself.


Additional fee for Travel time and expense


Gift Certificates Available


Discounts :

Seniors, Veterans and Students  - 

$5.00 Off any Product or Service


New Clients - 

20% Discount off 1st regularly scheduled appointment

Loyalty Program -

Get one session free after 10 paid at regular rate


I Can Come to Your Event



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We have a holistic approach to Health and Wellness.


We have a number of classes and workshops to help you Be Well.  Here are some of our selections.  Please contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in something that you don't see:


"Introduction to Reiki and Me"

30 Minutes   -   $20.00  

includes 50% discount on follow-up appointment

Ideal for someone who is new to Reiki - I'll tell you about my background, explain what Reiki is, what it may be used for, what you may feel during and after a session, answer any questions and most importantly let you experience Reiki for yourself in a pleasant, relaxed environment.  It is a wonderful way to try Reiki.


Reiki Classes - Learn to give Reiki to yourself, help your family, friends and your companion animals - Jackie Madden, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher - Contact us for details

Infinite Possibilities Training - Changing your thoughts, beliefs and actions may help you live the life of your dreams - learn tools to create a fulfilled and balanced life - Program created by Mike Dooley (TUT.COM) and presented by Jackie Madden, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. 

Stressbusters Self-Care Tools - Free talk presenting tips and techniques to reduce stress and care for your self - Each presentation focuses on a different topic

Stressbusters Interactive - Create, Learn, De-Stress - Socialize and have fun while making something of your own to help you stay present, remain calm and relax - Free admission - low material cost


Workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year - See calendar of events for dates, times, locations and pricing - Contact us is you are interested in something that you don't see:


"Time to Thrive"

"Making Reiki Part of Your Wellness Program"

"Reiki for Caregivers"

"Life in Balance"

"Reiki for Your Companion Animal"

"Being Your Authentic Self"

"Reiki for Anxiety and Depression"

"Creating a Self Care Kit"

"Reiki for Children and Teens"

"Getting in Touch with Your Intuition"

"Reiki for Seniors"

"Using Reiki to Ease Chronic Pain"

"Reiki for Grief and Loss"

"Who am I?...  A Creative Workshop for Individuals in Transition"

"Reiki for Your Cancer Journey"



* Discounts and Gift Certificates are Available




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Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun ~  Albert Einstein.


Creativity is a great way to stay in balance; particularly if you tend to spend much of your time (working) using primarily your logical or physical areas of your mind and body.

The creative possibilities are endless and just depend on what your prefer.  I will post some ideas here from time to time and you will find many more on the blog.

One of my favorites is photography; many are featured on this site and at ISD-Oneonta.

Art and Decor available for purchase at:


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How Do You Get Creative?


And how do you you stay in balance?  Remember, if you are a very creative type of person, you need to balance out the physical, logical and spiritual sides also.



'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. ~ Alice Walker


Thank you to all of the people who have help me over the years.  I have been and continue to be blessed.  I hope you find something you can use or enjoy.  Take care, Jackie