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Self-care Bootcamp (Session 2) "Manifest your desires" with Bonni Canavan

BOOTCAMP DETAILS: 5 Sessions over 4 Days(Held every month)

Each Personalized class up to 5 participants

$104. (all inclusive)  10% Discount for Seniors/Vets/Students

Pre-Register by July 18th Call 607-316-8341


JULY 20-21 / Thursday 3-5:30pm & Friday 10:30-1:00pm

Session 1. Pathway to Self-Care

Recognize and Release any self limiting patterns that hold us back from our purpose and joy. Special Reiki Attunement by Jackie Madden, assists us in releasing energetic blocks.

Session 2. Manifest your desires

Create a vision board to set intentions, and watch your wishes and dreams come true.


JULY 27-28 / Thursday 3-5:30pm & Friday 10:30-12:30pm

Session 3. Self-care Tools to support you

Create a self-care toolkit incorporating what we’ve learned and include your favorite things that bring you peace and ground you to the present moment.

Session 4. Resources and YOU

Review the many Resources that can work to enhance your well-being.

Session 5. Nature Walk at State Park (pictured above)  Mindfulness walking and sharing our experiences.



If you find that you are putting your own needs and desires after others, and thinking there must be a better way, then this SelfCare Bootcamp is for you. You may be one of the many thousands of people who think small, and whose self-esteem needs boosting.

This workshop will support and guide you through effective steps to help you take back your personal power and live authentically once again. Learn simple tools that support our journey back to a life balance. Remember: “You can’t pour from an empty cup!” 

During Bootcamp we will explore self-awareness, empowerment tools, and how communicating in a loving and assertive way improves all your relationships—beginning with yourself.

Contact me for details/questions:

Bonni Canavan, Empowerment Coaching @SPEAK Only Love 607-316-8341 or private message me.